First quarter newsletter, 2023

We are excited to share updates from the bnegining of the year 2023. Our highlights shows impacts accross Nigeria. We supported 30 women in our  community and worked with 4 states in North Eastern Nigeria. We are grateful for this awesome begining to the New year as we grow impact accross rural communities in Africa. We want to thank our supporters, partners and communities for the unending work to bring rural communities to sustainability.

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Fourth quarter newsletter, 2022

We are delighted to share our awesome journey with our beneficiaries and as organisation in the fourth quarter, 2022. Our highlight is completing the first phase of our farm works with flies project in Nigeria. We also spoke about our impact as our found had a keynote at the venture4change idea competion for students social entrepreneurs amongst 3 universities in Kenya. We also shared our journey at the Makingmorehealth conference in Kenya. 

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Third quarter newsletter, 2022

We are happy to share our growth and journey in third quarter 2022. Our highlight is activating the farm works with flies project as we build our flies system as we await the time for training of youths. We also had a webinar with Beoringer Ingelheim to share our story and success in Kenya. 

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Second quarter newsletter, 2022

Our journey to seeing transition to nature based agricultural practices in Africa continues in the second quarter of 2022. Our highlight was our training accross three communities in Kenya and we want to thank MakingMoreHealth initiative for believing in us. We will continue to strive to see that farmers and Africa as a whole adopt circular biotechnologies handed to use by nature. 

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First quarter newsletter, 2022

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